Tonique Fitness is designed to achieve the most important goal – confidence in yourself. Besides focusing on developing beautiful strong, lean muscles, strengthen the cardiovascular system, improve your balance, and excell your endurance.

In pursuit of the ultimate workout Sylwia Wiesenberg draws from her background in gymnastics and creative movement to perfect her signature training methods. She brings her passion for gymnastics, dance, skiing, running, tennis and surfing to Tonique Fitness by integrating elements of each into her ever-evolving routines.

Tonique Fitness utilizes the neurological connection between mind & body, heightening our awareness of spatial positioning, balance and response. The Tonique method is designed to achieve three important goals – develop strong, lean muscles, strengthen the cardiovascular system, and improve overall fitness and agility.

Within a few weekss you will begin to feel the difference – it will rekindle awareness of your inner body’s alignment, and you will dress with confidence and move with pride.

Working out regularly with Tonique, you will recondition your physique and develop your dream-body, confidence and beautiful mind. You will notice sculpted abs and tighter glutes, stronger arms with contour and definition, fabulously toned legs, flexible, graceful limbs for a gorgeously agile body and nimbler physique and a healthier heart

Sylwia believes in pushing beyond one’s perceived limits without giving up on the goal.

Tonique Fitness will train your muscles to go beyond their comfort zone and experience healthy pain, but in doing so build core strength and balance, critical to attaining the desired sculpted physique and enhancing femininity without adding bulk.

Sylwia’s mission is to empower and educate women to live healthier, fitter, more confident lives, promoting self-esteem through Tonique’s motivational instruction.

The Tonique woman balances a healthy lifestyle with pleasure. She believes that good food is to be enjoyed without guilt while cultivating a discipline for making naturally healthy choices.

Sylwia’s mission is to motivate women to take the Tonique Fitness challenge, rewiring the way they work out, eat, and view themselves. With her teachings she has inspired a growing community of women.

Tonique Fitness believes in elevating your fitness, not maintaining status quo: It challenges you mentally, making you sweat beyond the norm. Through gradual repetition and progression Tonique Fitness will push your capacity to go deeper in your squats, lunges and pushups, raising your endurance to the next level.

As we age, our lack of discipline and inattention weakens our posture, deteriorates balance, and diminishes our strength. Sylwia’s unique high-intensity workout begins with enhancing posture and alignment by focusing attention on the body as a whole – engaging each muscle group with precision and control to properly execute each move.

Walk the walk, and stride with pride – your lean legs and toned arms will rivet attention. And because change is constant in our lives, Tonique Fitness fights gravity by reaching beyond fitness – it nurtures inner confidence and boosts your spirit to capture the essence of beauty for an eternally toned and ageless body.

Sylwia’s Tonique Fitness method has helped thousands of women exceed their goals and reach a level of fitness they had never thought possible.