Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale n. 1. A mysterious and seductive woman who ensnares others with her irresistible charms. 2. An extraordinary woman with dreams and desires. 3. You – A Tonique Woman.

I created Tonique Femme Fatale for the woman who lives her life without fear, who experiences each day with a positive attitude and a fresh approach, and embraces life. She loves facing challenges that make her stronger and more confident. The Tonique Femme Fatale believes in herself, and pursues her dreams. She is an individual, and is not afraid to express herself or her opinions. The Tonique Femme Fatale believes in her own powers, and her mission is to capture others with her passion. However, the only danger you face is the challenge of the workout that gives you the body You desire!

Tonique Femme Fatale DVD is a continuation of Tonique Born to Move. There is a natural progression between the workouts, and Tonique Femme Fatale introduces new moves which add challenges and make you work harder and with greater body control. Tonique Femme Fatale is divided into Three Phases. Each Phase can be used alone or combined with another, or used in combination with other Tonique workouts. If you are seeking a real challenge, you can do all three Phases as a single workout. There are three additional sections on the DVD. Verve, which is a mini cool down, Sway a.k.a. Suspension Workout and Tonique Express Workout. These are bonuses from me to further motivate you to never stop moving.

Tonique Femme Fatale was created to raise your fitness level to true athleticism, and provide an extraordinary workout day!

Seduce Yourself with Positive Energy and True Fitness with Tonique.

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Tonique Femme Fatale - Download
Tonique Femme Fatale - Download
Language: English
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