The Power of You

Tonique Sunrise Hawaii – Power of You

Power of You is one of the semi – express workouts in the series “Tonique Sunrise Hawaii.” This workout targets entire body from head to toe – and literally you work your toes by engaging them and constantly pointing them in every move. The workout allows you to experience a great tone and sweat session, elevate your fitness to the next level and lift your energy. Power of You translated into power of your body and your mind.

Since its creation, Tonique has been about women coming closer together, eliminating competition and creating support for each other to achieve individual dreams and goals. In this workout, I share my mornings without make up, hair done, or artificial studio lighting to make me look better. I want you to join me with simply glowing beauty, minimal wear and ready for maximal workout, surrounded by nature. You will feel absolutely lifted and energized afterwards.

Power of You is a standalone workout, and a great addition to other Tonique workouts and an introduction to new Tonique moves. It can also be an excellent addition to your routine, and it can also be blended with other Tonique express or full workouts. It requires your focus for 45 minutes and is designed to workout your entire body, involving balance and dynamic stretching. It is fast paced, and includes plenty of multi directional moves in order to energize your entire body and mind.

Power of You comes as two separate downloads. Each has exactly the same workout, but one has a full voice over and music track, and the other has the music track only. Once you master the moves and don’t need the instructions, you can turn my voice off and focus on your Me Time listening to your own playlist.

Enjoy the beautiful Hawaiian Sunrise, the water and sweat with me.



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Tonique Sunrise Hawaii - Power of You - Download
Tonique Sunrise Hawaii - Power of You - Download
Language: English
Audio Options: Instructions mixed with music or music only
Length: 45 min
Price: $15.00

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