Tonique Spanish Zen

Tonique Zen is another take on a zen experience. Tonique Zen requires focus, and throughout this almost two hour intense sculpting and toning session, I expect you to focus on your body, and remove distractions from your mind. Connect to your body, feel each muscle working and each body part being engaged, from the tips of your fingers to your deep and large muscle groups. Tonique Zen delivers not only unequaled sculpting and toning, trains your endurance and pushes your limits, but it also helps you to build balance, endurance, strength, and power. It is the workout that delivers the results you want, and helps you to improve skin tone and elasticity. This routine dynamically stretches and strengthens your muscles while building incredible muscle tone, and definition. It combines unique Tonique moves, which blend with squats, lunges, pushups, and jumps.

The workout comes with an additional 15 minute inspirational dance, containing more impact dance than you may be used to, but it is designed to open your mind to different kinds of movement. This includes modern and dynamic dancing where you engage your body in a particular way, more artistically and more dynamically than other dance workouts. It is designed to free your body and your senses.

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Tonique Spanish Zen - Download
Tonique Spanish Zen - Download
Language: English
Audio Options: Instructions mixed with music or music only
Length: 1 hour 55 min. Includes bonus Tonique Spanish Dance 18 min.
Price: $25.00

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