ylwia Wiesenberg is the visionary founder of Tonique lifestyle, a holistic approach that nourishes the mind and body through fitness, nutrition and skincare, along with an optimistic attitude – which are equal parts key to success.

Sylwia’s beautifully sculpted physique is the product of her simple but selective lifestyle, a goal achievable by all. Being a mum, running a business, keeping abreast of fashions and foods while nourishing creativity is a constant challenge for most women, and many sacrifice inner health for short-term gains.

Sylwia has designed the Tonique lifestyle to approach these challenges and align our goals without sacrificing health and wellbeing.

Sylwia grew up in the 80s in communist Poland, and remembers bleak, white-tiled stores with empty shelves and people queuing for groceries. From an early age she rebelled against its austerity and felt the need to stand apart, lusting for adventure and travel to shape her own bold, personal style. Yet, she never forgot her early discipline, and having trained as a gymnast, she traveled the globe in her pursuit of a balanced lifestyle, maintaining her core health while indulging in her passions, sampling the ethnic foods of Asia and the Mediterranean, visiting local farmer’s markets, combining a career to build the components of a fit but flexible lifestyle. Her experiences convinced her that both food and fitness are complementary in nourishing our bodies for optimum success.

Sylwia studied in Australia, United States, and Italy and worked in London before quitting a career in finance to devote herself fulltime to her love of nutrition counseling and fitness training in New York City, which she now calls home. Her experiments in movement and nutrition inspired the Tonique method, which codifies into practice years of research in balancing movement with nutrition.

Step out of your role as parent, partner, or professional, and let Tonique lifestyle help make the focus you. Nurture yourself first, so that you can share your joy and care for others.
The Tonique lifestyle goes beyond fitness and food, emphasizing a satisfying life such that you have more to give to the people and the world around you.

Our society’s constant demand for perfection skews one’s self-perception. It’s hard to feel good about oneself. While Tonique advocates fitness, it’s not about having an airbrushed physique and superficial beauty but about cultivating one’s inner potential through increased enjoyment of life – by recharging oneself with pleasurable experiences: through movement and creativity, be it reading, creating or experiencing art, shopping if it releases endorphins, eating delicious foods and enjoying self-massages – in short everything that feeds and grows the inner you.

Indulge yourself, feel vibrant and fabulous – it’s not about deprivation – learn ways to moderate and cultivate discipline more naturally.

Working towards a new physique is about changing habits slowly and not about expecting overnight success. The Tonique style of eating and exercising does not focus on short-term gains. Sylwia says, “I try to lead life to the fullest and fittest, but I don’t believe in quick fixes, shortcuts, crash diets.”

For success with Tonique, Sylwia asks for nothing other than your commitment and a belief in yourself.