Not Your Average Workout.

— Method

Your daily digital class for a total body transformation and a meditation in motion.

Tonique amplifies your workout, completely transforming the way you feel, look and express yourself. As a result of its constantly evolving approach to movement incorporating multi-directional moves and a high number of repetitions, followers notice their bodies changing in shape, tone and posture.

At its core is a focus on sculpting a strong and toned butt that Sylwia considers the epicenter of your body. Tonique also focuses on transforming your mind by eliminating limits and introducing new experiences and challenges. Its method has been described as “meditation in motion” that leaves you feeling invincible and positively charged.

— Mission

Over the years, Tonique method has evolved, but its mission has remained consistent.  Sylwia and Tonique continue to inspire and empower others, building an authentic and inclusive community across the world, helping people understand that movement is a necessity, not a luxury or a cult. Tonique celebrates the limitless power of our bodies, continually introducing new challenges in movement and building understanding of your body.

— Phases

Tonique is divided into phases, with each phase consisting of several workouts of different levels of intensity. Each phase offers a new challenge and works to transform your body and prepare it for the next phase. For the best results, we recommend you to initiate your Tonique journey with either phase I or II and then continue with the next phase. Each phase should be practiced for 2 to 3 months before moving to the next phase. Once you are familiar with the Tonique method, you can continue to progress with new workouts as they are introduced.

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