Not Your Average Workout.




Phase V – Intensity High
1 hr 30 mins
Tonique Dunes workout is created to elevate your mornings and your butt. Designed to target the sleepy gluts a.k.a dead butt syndrome, Dunes workout is the step up to Tonique bench series where you workout vertically to fight the gravity. This workout focuses on balance, body control and naturally lifting your muscles, while sculpting your entire body. You may do the workout with or without the ankle weights – recommend is to start with 1 – 2 lbs and build towards 5-6 lbs. The purpose of this workout is pure tone and sculpt; elevating your fitness to the next level while toning, lifting and sculpting your butt. Inspired by endless summers and ageless body in my favorite part of the Hamptons, The Dunes.
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