Not Your Average Workout.
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    Hamptons’ best fitness and yoga 2015 More
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    How I Got My Butt Kicked By A Woman In The Gym More
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    Life Is Fitness. More
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    Not Your Average Workout. Interview with Sylwia Wiesenberg.

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    The Art of Eating Light with Sylwia Wiesenberg.

  • Well+Good NYC

    New York’s Underground Fitness Wonder:Tonique   “I’m getting older, but every year my shorts are getting shorter!” Sylwia Wiesenberg tells me, after a sweat session. “That’s not supposed to happen!” Wiesenberg, 36, is the charismatic creator of the hardest workout you’ve never heard of. And it’s true, she’s not big on covering up. If you catch …

  • VU Magazine

    Not everything comes quickly. Moreover, very often the case that if we manage to something easily achieved, the effect is short-lived. An example might be even perfectly sculpted body – this is a process which requires, inter alia, time and sacrifice – says Sylwia Wiesenberg, a coach who has developed a system of exercises Tonique. …

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