Not Your Average Workout.

Bundle Phase IV



Intensity Medium to High
13 hrs 55 mins

Phase IV is about sculpting and toning your body flow. The workouts bring new adventures and introduce unique combinations of lunges, squats, handstands, and push-ups.

This bundle includes all the workout from Phase IV, designed to lift your butt and your mood, sculpt and stretch your lower and upper body. Below is the list of every workouts included in this bundle:

Peru Shape It
56 mins

Seville Mat
1 hr 14 mins

56 mins

Peru Ageless 1
49 mins

Peru Ageless 2
57 mins

Rise Up
57 mins

Summer Vibes
52 mins

Hamptons Flow
1 hr 30 mins

Hamptons Glow
39 mins

Vibes Argentina
39 mins

Vibes L.A. Girl
1 hr 05 mins

Tonique RT27
1 hr 30 mins

Vibes Uruguay
1 hr 05 mins

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