Tonique Mat

Tonique Mat – the ultimate mat workout! Best lower body transformer Fitness magazine 2012

Tonique Mat voted Best 2012 workout DVD by Fitness magazine reader’s. A low impact, super sculpting and toning workout, Tonique Mat is designed to maximize your workout time and tone your body without high impact exercises. Divided into three stages, you start the Tonique Mat workout on your side, before moving onto your back and finishing on your knees. This unique method will enhance your results without overstressing your body.

Originally developed as a post-pregnancy regime, this distinctive mat workout firms every part of your body, regardless of your current fitness level. With the Tonique Mat workout, you achieve stronger, well-defined legs, tighter glutes and perfect abs while still building endurance and balance.

Get started with the Tonique Mat workout now, and see an immediate change in your body and strength.

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Tonique Mat - Download
Tonique Mat - Download
Language: English
Price: $18.95

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