Tonique Premiere

Not just a workout, but a way of life.

A high-intensity interval workout, Tonique transforms your body to uncover a fitter, firmer more confident you.

Developed by Sylwia, the Tonique method draws on the muscle-building power of dance, gymnastics, running and skiing to challenge every part of your body. Working out regularly with Tonique, you improve your strength, endurance and balance, and make the leap from routine fitness to true athleticism.

Tonique’s goal, though, goes beyond dream glutes and rock-cut abs. The Tonique workout energizes you body and soul. Wake up every morning feeling happier, more confident and more fulfilled.

Sylwia keeps you inspired and motivated to the very last squat. Learn how to avoid hitting fitness plateaus and how to incorporate Tonique into your fitness schedule for maximum results. The Tonique DVDs also include an exclusive interview with Sylwia where she introduces you to the life-changing philosophy of Tonique.

More than a workout, Tonique is a lifestyle that Sylwia embodies – one that builds your confidence and enjoyment in life while strengthening your body and well-being.

Embrace yourself. Embrace Tonique.

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Tonique Premiere - Download
Tonique Premiere - Download
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